why Gestunary?

    Gestunary is your personal intercultural counsel on the road.

    We gesticulate unconsciously. That is the problem with gestures. Our gestures and facial expressions can help us emphasize our words, but they can also contradict them.

    Avoid insults & embarrassment
    An insult is easily made when you’re unfamiliar with local particularities. Imagine how many embarrassing situatios you could have prevented if only you had known about local gestures.

    With Gestunary you will never again have to feel embarrassed.

    Understand & be understood 
    Gestunary is a mobile dictionary for gestures, a great guide for private and business trips abroad. The app allows you to search gestures by country and explains what motions and expressions mean in a particular cultural environment.

    When abroad and talking with your hands, use Gestunary to understand and to be understood appropriately.

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