Thank you & here we go!

    First of all, a big thank you to all the folks that have been supporting this idea for over some months now. It is because of you that we are already here where we are today. This is great!

    And I want to thank a few of you in particular:

    • -Magic Javier, who is my designing hero and philosopher-buddy. You made it happen!
    • -Handsome Norman with his sharp lense that made brillant pictures of two incredible brave persons
    • -First, beautiful Catharina. It is out of reach how you are able to give those simple postures so much grace and coolness
    • -And happy Masatoshi, thank you for your flexibility and readiness to step into something unknown
    • Elisabetta, my muse of gestures and solid as a rock during this project. Always ready to rock ‘n roll, too.
    • -Thank you Franz, for repeated excellent advice on working out (or around) obstacles that I was facing on the way. Thank you for believing.
    • -Bernard, for your excellent expertise and practical tips & trics
    • -Unbeaten storyteller and excellent pitchwriter Philipp
    • Aaike, for a lovely video that was so patiently and generously concipated
    • -David, who always kept track of things happening and in the meantime found the time to think with me again and again
    • -and my parents, who are damn right that I am a lucky girl!

    As for now, the project is getting ready to face the world. So beware and speak about Gestunary, because soon everyone will need a download of the app that is going to change the world of intercultural communication.

    Happy Summer!

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