russian drink invite (2)

photo shoot: need russian hands

    In the beginning of May, the journey of Gestunary continues: I am going to have a photo shooting to be able to upgrade the app with so many more gestures from all different countries.

    Already some wonderful individuals confirmed that they will join: our photographer Norman is going to be there again, hurrah! And then there are Julie, Elisabetta, Na and Mike and Pien. Can you guess what their country of origin is? They will perform gestures from their cultures and I am so much looking forward to Normans beautiful images of their hands.

    And I am hoping that I will run into a Russian man before the time is up, for I need some male hands to perform the tricky gestures from the east. If you know anyone, please share this post!

    By the way, the gesture in the above picture means an invite to a drink, particulary speaking: a vodka.

    I’ve used the image that was posted here by

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