are you ready? re-launch!

    It is time, hurray!

    I have boosted Gestunary with 200+ new photos and new features. Gestunary has become a true global dictionary of gestures. I am extremely proud that we gave it this beautiful upgrade it deserves. The new countries’ signs and habits have been attentively selected and recorded for your convenience.

    Want to see an example? Take a look at the beautiful attached image. In Italy when people talk about food – indeed an extremely important topic! – often this gesture is involved. “What about a plate of spaghetti?”, it means, or: “Shall we eat now?”. Can you imagine the fork rotating elegantly through this gorgeous longish thin pasta ? I do!

    Common gesture: Russia, France and Spain 

    Russia, France and Spain are among the new countries added to the Gestunary database. And there is a lot to learn from those entries. Can you find out what particular, similar looking gesture those three countries have in common? Attention please: we are dealing with three different meanings, of course!

    Always wanted to know how to count on your fingers in Chinese? Now you’ll find out how. Download the new Gestunary app from the App Store. Currently for iOS only.

    And the best thing? Gestunary stays free of charge.

    How about giving it a try now?

    I recommend that you play around. Please leave us a feedback, too. We want to know what you think, yes we do.

    And now allow me to say a huge THANK YOU to Norman Posselt. Norman, you have been putting in enormous efforts to make this dream come true. I know how words cannot mend the pains that you have suffered.

    Also, I thank Matz Software for the excellent implementation.

    Thank you both, it is much appreciated!

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