The Culture Guy Podcast calling…

    A fun conversation on gestures, patience, creativity, football, forms-and-papers-fondness, Japan and Germany. And the Netherlands.

    Last week Christian Höferle from The Culture Guy Podcast called me from the United States to chat about Gestunary.

    We discussed a few gestures with mistakable meanings e.g. the famous thumbs up (which is a bad sign in the Middle East) and the moutza sign that is a perfectly normal sign to say “stop” or “wait a bit” in most countries but is a huge insult in Greece, the reason being that it symbolizes the throwing of dirt (particularly faecel matter) towards prisoners in the old days.

    In the podcast I also report on how communication in Japan is subtle and non-explicit and what that did to me back then. And towards the end we even touch upon how I experienced Germany as a greater culture shock than Japan in the end 😉

    Here’s the link to the “What are you doing with your hands?” Podcast by The Culture Guy. More about Christian and his work on this website.

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