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happy new year!

    This 2015 has been a crazy year. All those things that happened… And now, we are close to launching Gestunary 0.1, the first version of the first digital dictionary of gestures and hand signs. Excellent!

    I feel obliged to say thank you to all of you, who have been putting time, energy and money in the launch of Gestunary. Please accept my honest feelings of gratefulness. Gestunary is your product, too!

    And for 2016 there is only more to come. There are a lot of steps that we would like to go in the near future and we will make sure that Gestunary is truely the first universal, digital dictionary for gestures. We will keep you posted, damn yeah.

    For now: happy new year! Enjoy the holidays with your loved ones and have a bright beginning of a new chapter. Looking forward to seeing you again in 2016!

    Best wishes, Hanneke

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