about us

    This is the team that helped to build the first Gestunary: Elisabetta Rapetti, Javier Díaz, Franz Kummer, Norman Posselt, Catharina Behr, Gunnar Matz.


    Gestunary is a product by Hanneke Riedijk, Hasenheide 58, Kreuzberg-Berlin, Germany.

    Get in touch with info@gestunary.com or dial +49 151 – 281 26047.

    About the Founder

    Hanneke Riedijk is a Dutch japanologist passionate with cultural anthropology. She is fascinated by misunderstandings and typical mistakes in intercultural communication. Unconscious body language is the apple of her eye.

    Hanneke is a business coach, helping people and companies in the process of internationalisation, multiculturalisation and social integration. She helps individuals in managing life and work. She calls herself Fragenstellerin by her business name. Read more about Fragenstellerin here.

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